Federal Programs

Federal Programs
Schoolwide Plan

Galena-Abesville Elementary School

Federal Programs School Wide Program Plan

2020-21 School Year

Revised June 2020

Galena R-II allocation of federal money

School wide program plan development

Dr. Staci Baker

Anita Burk

Lisa Stacy

Lindsey Lebow

Johnna Rice

Laurie Cook


Strategies to address student need

Supplemental Instruction

  • Math
  • Reading

    Providing services for supplemental instruction through

  • Preschool instruction
  • Push in/regular classroom
  • Pull out/intervention classroom
  • Tutoring (before/after school)

    Personnel for supplemental instruction

  • ELA intervention teacher
  • Math intervention teacher
  • Preschool teacher
  • Paraprofessional

Response to Intervention

  • Tiers I, II & III support for students and teachers through classroom assistance and professional development


Strategies Implemented:

How Strategies are Implemented:

Provide opportunities for all children, including subgroups of students, to meet the Missouri Learning Standards (MLS)

Response to Intervention utilizing tiers I, II, & III: opportunities for students to learn in traditional as well as small group learning opportunities based on their student need

Strengthening the educational effort of the school through the use of teaching methods and instructional strategies

Intervention teachers work with various methods of instruction, particularly Tier II & III, to assist students and teachers in academic development

Address the needs of all children in the school, but focusing on those students who are at risk of not meeting the MLS

Benchmark assessments completed three times a year as well as in-class assessments help to create a clear picture of student understanding. Students who need assistance with a standard will receive it based these assessments

Providing professional development and other activities for teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school personnel to improve instruction and student achievement

Opportunities for professional development are provided throughout the year

Recruiting and retaining high-quality teachers

GAES actively recruits and maintains high-quality teachers for the students we serve

Assisting preschool-age children in their transition from home/daycare to school as well as PK to full-day Kindergarten.

Students must be age 4 by August 1st of the school year they wish to begin in order to qualify for preschool services. PK students receive a screening as well as are included in all parent involvement activities (Santa night, Open House, Easter egg hunt, etc.).